Wire & Tube Feeding Machine Solutions

Our sister company, SYNEO, offers state-of-the-art cutting, drilling & punching solutions that are designed with the tightest tolerances and most difficult material in mind. These materials include flexible, soft, brittle, braided and non-braided materials such as silicone, PEEK, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Pebax®, stainless steel, and nitinol wire.

Accu-Feed 110

 The dynamic Accu-Feed 110 Stick Tubing and Wire Feeder provides high speed, precise stick feeding of wire, metal and plastic tubing and metal rods for medical applications. 

Accu-Feed HPD

The Accu-Feed HPD High Performance Dereeler is designed for large spools and heavy gauge materials. Its large dancer arm, stronger drive transmission and revised part path eliminates reverse-bending during the feed process, which is ideal for olefin, Teflon®, and heavy gauge materials.

Accu-Feed LTD

 The Accu-Feed LTD Low Tension Dereeler is designed to provide constant strain, low tension payout of tubing to an Accu-Cut or other machine for high volume, critical tolerance manufacturing operations.