Heat Shrink Skiver

The CT Skiver is a great flexible way to remove recovered heat shrink from the catheter reflow (laminating) post-process. These units are low cost, small, and allow the operator to perform this function anywhere. Each unit is designed to fit the catheter as not to scratch the surface. Our team of engineers takes the finished OD of the catheter you provide and calculate the tolerance and space required to provide you with a repeatable product. 


  • Each unit is hand polished, and features are blended to allow the unit to move through the material smoothly 
  • Standard material offerings are 416 or 440 Stainless Steel, Peek, and ULTUM 
  • Each size is calculated so the units are sized correctly 
  • Hoods are used to protect the operator, the unit, and the part if dropped. 


  • Standard Skivers is made of 416 Stainless steel 

  • Hoods are Black Delrin for Metal units and White Delrin for Plastic

  • #8 0.250″ Screw for blade clamp

  • #8 1.00” Screw for hood clamp 

  • Ranges are Micro, Regular, and Large