Automated Catheter Balloon Folder - PTF-120-A


The PTF-120-A is a fully automated machine and can pleat and fold balloons with a length of approx. 100 mm. The balloon products are clamped on a stable product table with automatic positioning using stepper motors.


  • 13” color touch panel interface with parameter setting and recipe control.
  • Servo controlled zero gap fold head with stainless tool steel blades and high-wear resistant low friction coating.
  • Innovative design for quickly exchanging the pleater setup from 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-pleats.
  • The PTF-120-A is built with a very high-quality benchmark resulting in a stable and robust design with minimal cost of ownership.
  • Easy-to-use user interface software with recipe control. Barcode scanners support as standard.
  • Fold head heating is standard and optionally the pleater modules can be fitted with a heating system.
  • The design is optimized for use in cleanrooms and can be very easily wiped and cleaned due to the smooth and closed surfaces.
  • Pleater modules can be quickly exchanged within seconds, without the need to manually connect/disconnect the connectors.

Technical Specs

Balloon pleater & fold head size

120 mm length maximum opening 30 mm

Maximum balloon length

Approx. 100 mm (depending on cone angles)

Number of pleats

Max balloon OD Ø30mm for 3,4,5 fold
Max balloon OD Ø25mm for 6 fold

Heating on the pleaters

Optional. Maximum temperature 90 °C

Heating on the fold head

Standard. Maximum temperature 90 °C

Fold head control

0.1 mm – 30mm servo controlled

+/- 0.02 mm @ 100N accuracy

Dynamic Diameter Compensation (DCC) available

1 point fully automated diameter calibration

1000 N radial force max.

Pleat head control

Servo controlled with CW/CCW pleater option

Product inflation/deflation

1 port (max. 6 bar / minimum -0.8 bar) with hub connector

Footswitch activation on the product clamp unit


13” color touch panel

Control software

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option





Required air pressure

7 bar minimum

Power supply

115 / 240 VAC / 2 kW

Safety systems

Covers with coded magnet and safety PLC circuit