Balloon Forming Machine - BFM-500-S2


The Balloon Forming Machine (BFM-500-S2) has full servo control on the proximal and distal axis. This allows for precise and fast stretching of the parisons during the balloon-blowing process. The axis has force control and individual loadcell systems allowing forces to be monitored and used as control parameters during the process. Our BFM allows you to quickly exchange the heat/cool block for a different size/shape balloon.

Available Options: Integrated High-Pressure Generation • Active Pressure Drop Control (APDC) • Parison Pre-Heating 


  • Flexible Process Interface for virtual limitless process cycle options on a large 19” full-color touch panel interface.

  • Fast and strong full servo-controlled axis for repeatable and reliable stretching of the parison materials during the forming process.

  • Integrated safety light curtain with intuitive user interaction for safe operation.

  • Optional High-Pressure system integrated eliminating the need for a high-pressure factory network or the use of N2-bottles.

  • Standard equipped with a safety light curtain with intuitive operator feedback.

  • Large 19” full-color touch screen user interface for easy overview of the machine behavior.

  • Standalone Flexible Process Interface software package available for offline development of processes.

  • Parison pre-heating system to reduce cycle times.

  • Quick exchange of mold head (heat/cool block) without the need to manual connect/disconnect water hoses and connectors.

Technical Specs

Stretch force

500 N max

Stretch speed

250 mm/s max. (servo controlled)

Stretch acceleration

2000 mm/s2

Stretch length

500 mm proximal and 500 mm distal


Self aligning high force distal and proximal clamps

Inflation pressure

1-50 bar max +/- 0.2%

Pressure control

Active Pressure Drop Control (APDC)

Temperature heating system

20 °C – 220 °C +/- 0.5 °C

Preheat system

Internal and external parison pre-heating

Balloon diameter

1-50 mm

Balloon length

1-320 mm


19” color touch panel

Control software

Flexible Process Interface (FPI)

Zoomable process graphs with process markers

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

External FPI software available for off-line development

Remote support option


Optional signal light/acoustic alarm (user programmable)





Required air pressure

7 bar minimum (pre-dried in case of integrated pressure boosting system)

N2 system

Using external N2 system (bottles or factory line) / optional high-pressure generator system require 7 bar feed pressure with internal 1L high-pressure buffer vessel

Power supply

3-phase 208VAC or 380VAC / 5kW

Cooling circuit

Cooler with 64L reservoir + temperature and level detection

Safety systems

Light curtain with intuitive operator feedback