Split mold balloon forming machine BFMS-500-S2

MPT Europe BV proudly presents their latest development in balloon forming. The BFMS-500-S2 Split Mold balloon forming machine. This machine is fitted with the very much liked Flexible Process Interface allowing the user to program endless optimizations and variations without the need for software upgrades and is designed as a split mold machine. The molds […]

New : BFM-500-S2 balloon forming machine

Balloon forming machine

The BFM-500-S2 is the latest design balloon machine by MPT Europe BV. It has all the functionality of the BFM-500-S and more. Quick exchange heat & cool heads, variable pressure drop control, preheating and an optional on-board high pressure generation system. Our unique Flexible Process Interface allows for any process to be compiled quickly. It […]

BT-NG with product carrier system

BT-NG thermal bonder with product carriers

Today another version of our thermal bonder platform (BT-NG) is ready for shipment to the customer. This time prior to the thermal bonding process the components are positioned and clamped onto a special design carrier. This allows precise positioning (with an additional camera system) off all the components that need to come together. Then it […]

Highland Fun(d) Raising

Running 154 km in 48 hours with 3100 vertical meters. With this sporting challenge, the Hoeksema brothers and their team want to collect € 8,000 for Spieren voor Spieren. Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles) has the mission to beat all muscle diseases in children. As much money as possible is collected with partners, with […]

New thermal bonder BT-NG

The BT-NG thermal bonder is the latest development in bonder technology developed by Medical Production Technology Europe BV This machine incorporates all our bonding technology in an ergonomic and high quality machine. Providing you with the stability and reliability to develop a good process. The new thermal bonder has a large number of features and […]

AgieCharmille DRILL 20

Another capabiliy has been added to our toolroom with the AgieCharmille DRILL 20 EDM machine for hole drilling. This machine further streamlines our production by having the capability of drilling small deep holes. Allowing us to drill starting holes for our Sodick Wire EDM machine.

CRF-200-PS stent crimper for DES products unveiled

MPT Europe BV offers crimping solutions for your DES products. With our unique 4-film stent crimper technology we can crimp balloon-expandable and self-expandable stents in-and onto your delivery systems. The CR-200-PS has been developed for a self-expandable stent and again is proof of the innovative design strength of the MPT Europe BV engineering team!

Flexible Stent Crimping Platform CR-240-FSCP

With this FSCP platform we have created a machine that enables the R&D engineers to develop an accurate stent crimping process and perform all sorts of stent crimping testing. The base of the machine is the MPT Europe BV zero-gap stent crimping head. This reliable, stiff and accurate stent crimping head is servo controlled. Furthermore […]

Software innovations to make better medical balloons

In 2018 Medical Production Technology Europe BV has introduced their BFM-500-S balloon forming machine. This machine has innovations helping the medical balloon manufacturers making better balloons, by allowing more process control with for example the Active Pressure Drop Control (APDC), as well as speed up the balloon forming process significantly, thus creating more balloons in […]